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Socialsuite 4.0

This course is recommended for organizations in Socialsuite version 4.0. We will be upgrading Socialsuite 3.0 organizations shortly to 4.0. This new version has new features to extend out Socialsuite’s capabilities and streamline exiting functions.

Getting Started with Socialsuite 3.0 will continue to exist for those familiar with the functions and features.

The following course is designed to help you understand the fundamental concepts of Socialsuite and how you measure the impact of your programs using Socialsuite.

The course, while not comprehensive, aims to work through the necessary steps to complete an evaluation of a program we have created for this course. By applying this simple case, you will be able to complete an evaluation using an email collection method to collect data from program participants.

Socialsuite platform incorporates terminology and concepts commonly used within the impact measurement community. As such, we will spend time understanding key terms and how everything connects together in Socialsuite.

We will learn by doing by implementing an actual evaluation by applying the Personal Wellbeing Index (PWI) Outcomes measurement framework to evaluate a youth-oriented program.

Hopefully, by the end of this Getting Started course, you will get a good understanding of how Socialsuite works which will set you up to take on the challenge of implementing your own organization’s outcome framework.

Let’s get started! The first lesson covers the foundations of Socialsuite, helping you understand the Pillars of Socialsuite and terminology, and present the case study we will work through.

Foundations of Socialsuite

These fundamental concepts will be instrumental in understanding how Social

Define your Outcomes with a Template

Define the Outcomes that matter to your organisation

Building a Measurement Project

Understand how Socialsuite collects outcome data across all your programs by building a Measurement Project

Test & Cohort Setup

Simulate a live data collection by enrolling some fake program participants into Socialsuite

Collect Data from Beneficary

Collect data from real program participants in a live data collection environment

Analyze the Results with Reports

Report on the Outcome data collected from your program participants

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