Analytics Tab will not Load Dashboards

If the Analytics tab wont load there could be a number of reasons;

1. You don’t have a license or permission

If you don’t have the appropriate license type (Program Manager, Reporter or Owner) or permissions you will see diagonal lines appearing on the Analytics page. Or you may not see the Analytics Tab at all.

If this is the case contact your Socialsuite Administrator.

2. You cannot see Analytics Studio from the App Launcher Menu

This may be caused by licenses or permissions raised in item 1, it can also be due to the user having Read only access to the Analytics platform. This is determined by the users Permissions Sets. A read/write user will have the ‘Einstien Analytics Platform Admin’ permission set. A read only user will have ‘Einstein Analytics Platform User’

3. Your Browser Settings could be blocking Analytics

If you have altered your browser cookie settings this could effect the ability for Analytics to load. A symptom of this is the Analytics tab just continually loads and also a red icon within your browser bar.

To resolve this ensure you are allowing cookies and cookies from third-parties.

Icon shown when your Browser is blocking Cookies